How it works

  • Submit your ebook for consideration
  • If accepted, you will be sent an invoice.
  • We provide the landing page, images and prizes.
  • You make sure your ebook is free / 99c.
  • Tell your mailing list and spread the word on social media.
  • When it's over we send you the sign ups we collected!

How will you, the author, benefit?

Not only are you rewarding your existing fans with access to great content in a genre they already love as well as a chance to win prizes, but you'll also gain new readers. Readers that will be encouraged to sign up to your mailing list!
And don't forget also-boughts! Because when readers are downloading your ebook they'll also download other ebooks from the promo and everyone's also-boughts will be relevant and help with discoverability!

Upcoming Promotions


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Submission Requirements

  • Your ebook's genre must be the same as the genre stated for the promotion you are submitting to. Sub-genres are welcome as well as cross genres.
  • The ebook you submit MUST be available for FREE (perma-free or temp-free) for the free ebook promotions, 99c for the 99c ebook promotions.
  • You CANNOT submit the same title within the past three months.
  • Your ebook MUST have a professional-looking and genre-specific cover, catchy blurb and be properly edited. If it does not meet these requirements then we reserve the right to decline your ebook.
  • Minimum word count:
    • At least 200 pages (as stated by Amazon) for an ebook submitted for any 99c promotion
    • No minimum word count for an ebook submitted for any free promotion
  • If your ebook is part of a SERIAL (a story told in parts) then it MUST be the first, a prequel or the complete boxed-set.
  • If your ebook is part of a SERIES then it must either be the first in the series OR if it's later in the series then it MUST be a standalone with no cliffhanger and somewhere in your ebook's Amazon blurb it MUST state that it is a standalone.
  • You MUST be willing to share the promo with your newsletter subscribers and via social media on the days of the promo.
  • If your ebook is selected we will send you an invoice via PayPal (cost is usually between $10 - $20) before the stated deadline.
  • The deadline for all submissions is stated on each submission form.